Tuesday, 30 September 2014

WASPA Monthly report of September 2014

Here is the monthly report of the WASPA circuit.

The new season has started an we had 17 tournaments in September (16 regional and 1 promotional).
Action from Limassol, Cyprus
Scotland and Cyprus had one extra event but everything will be sorted out during the season. The Tayside Kickers are running a circuit of 9 tournaments and 2 of them were played this month. The Cyprus circuit had also 2 of their 12 tournaments during the first month of the season.
Subbuteo demo in Budapest, Hungary

There were some positive happenings this month:
- Wales organized their first WASPA tournament since April 2013.
- Several clubs and associations are running their own circuits: Templeuve United, the Tayside Kickers, SS Lazio,... Austria and Cyprus have their development circuits under WASPA banner. Clubs like SC Flanders, NETFA, Yorkshire,... have also regular WASPA events.
- Hungary expressed their wish to host some events in the near future. Indonesia might be the next new nation among organizers.
- Australia had 2 tournaments over the same week-end, which is a proof the development is continued down under.
- Australia and Austria will have tournaments with the double status (FISTF and WASPA) in the next few months.
- The German association organized their "Starters Cup" in Hamburg to support new players and new clubs in St. Pauli (Hamburg) and Aachen.
- Chile is definitely the most active nation in South America so hopefully Argentina and Brazil will join the WASPA circuit soon.
- Cyprus organized their first Promotional tournament
Continued development in Melbourne, Australia
Besides the sports news, WASPA is now building a Board. 8 players from 8 different nations have expressed interest to join the Board. Right now, the Board members are Steve Bennett (Scotland), Mike Parnaby (England), Vincent Coppenolle (Belgium), Thomas Eppensteiner (Austria), Panos Panagiotides (Greece), Zach Walker (USA), Brett Davis (Australia) and Rudy Hesty (Singapore). The two jobs of the WASPA Board will be to continue the promotion of the game Subbuteo by organizing more WASPA tournaments and to vote the strategic decisions for the future of WASPA. People interested to join the working team should contact WASPA at vincent.cop@rsca.com
A great field for the Starters Cup in Hamburg, Germany
Please keep in mind you only need 3 players to run a WASPA tournament. Don't hesitate to send your tournament requests to vincent.cop@rsca.com

Please also note the news are updated on a very regular base on the blog at http://waspa-circuit.blogspot.com

Well, that's all for now, have a great week and a fantastic Subbuteo season!

Vincent Coppenolle