Sunday, 14 September 2014

Mike Parnaby wins the Thornaby tournament

Mike Parnaby kicking off
Eight players turned up for this one, but we were without one of our regulars, Ben Staples, who preferred a night with Kate Bush to a night with a bunch of lads playing table football. Madness!!!! Anyway, the evening was played to the new FISTF rules and we found little to worry us in those. Mike Parnaby took the crown tonight after a tense finale against Neil Youngson. It ended 0-0 which sort of suited both players!
Rob Heseltine going for the ball against Jeff Parsons

Date of next NETFA Teesside WASPA tournament will be  3rd October 2014
John Bottomley attacking against Jeff Parsons
The tense final between Neil Youngson and Mike Parnaby

Final table of the evening
1. Mike Parnaby
2. Neil Youngson
3. John Bottomley
4. Chris Kaberry
5. Jeff Parsons
6. Andy Mill
7. Rob Heseltine
8. Mark Parkin
Andy Mill defends against John Bottomley

(Report by Mike Parnaby)