Monday, 1 September 2014

Report of the Merdeka Cup in Malaysia

The Subbuteo Collectors Fiesta on 30th August 2014 and
the Merdeka Cup Open Tournament on 31st August, Malaysia National Day
at the Subbuteo Shop, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Malaysia

Report by Jamie Kong

Singapore and Indonesia (the Batavia Garudas) came on both days to come help celebrate our Subbuteo Fiesta for Collectors and also participate in the inaugural Merdeka Cup Open tournament during our Malaysia National Day, weekend. The Malaysians had a good showing with 8 players joining the Merdeka Cup tournament, the Garudas (Majee, Dicky and Rudy) have been practicing all week long and the Singapore contingent, lead by Kok Wee, John Ho, Vikas, Rizal and Hashim.
The Subbuteo Fiesta is the first Collectors event for the Hartamas Tigers TFC, to encourage a look at the Subbuteo phenomenon in Malaysia and Singapore. Fess, our ardent Malaysian Subbuteo enthusiast, has a wonderful book of past letters and records and his collectibles on display. Michael Dent graciously consented to display his England Subbuteo Trophy which he won in 1973, his 1974 World Cup pennant in Munich and his 1974 Farnum Trophy. For the Fiesta, we have mini games for all the players and a Teams Double Match which was won by John Ho and Kok Wee. Kaspar Bennett made a special appearance and hosted the Best Keeper Challenge which was won by Kok Wee. Kok Wee managed to stop the shots from Kaspar, 4 out of 5 times..

As the Event was held at the Subbuteo Shop, the visitors to the Hartamas Shopping Centre were able to enjoy the entire tournament and also walk into shop look at the world of table football. The players did not hold back and all did their best to outdo their opponent. Michael Dent who qualified for the semi-finals was held to a draw after extra time and was force into a shooting elimination round. It was nerve racking as both players did not managed to score any goals in their 5 attempts.

Michael scored the Golden Goal and went into the Final with Kok Wee who also was given a difficult time by Vikas. Kaspar Bennett refereed the Final and it was a close battle. Michael lost when Kok Wee
Managed to hold the score at 2-1. Everyone enjoyed the tournament and now, there are 3 venues within South East Asia for closer ties and cooperation for more exciting events to happen.