Monday, 1 September 2014

England: the honors for Steve Bennett and Gianpaolo Vitulano

Two events have been held this week-end in England.

John attacks Ben
On sunday, three players met to test the new FISTF rules. Steve Bennett won the small Stockton tournament after beating Ben Staples and John Bottomley twi. Ben took the second place after beating John twice. Hopefully there will be more events in Stockton in the future.
Ben and Steve

On saturday, a tournament had been held in kent with 18 different players from Kent Invicta and Basingstoke. Terry Arnold reported "Kent Invicta TFC hosted another WASPA tournament on Saturday 30th August with some visiting players from Basingstoke and a few new Kent juniors playing for the first time – so 18 players in total at the 44Two Club in Gillingham. We played a 4 round Swiss system and also a team game at the end. With 6 adults, 4 Under 15’s and 8 Under 12’s, there were more youth players involved than adults – Kent Invicta again investing time in developing the game and getting youth players involved.
Nice group picture

It was good practice for some of Kent’s England junior players as they prepare for the World Cup next weekend in Belgium – so good luck to Kye, Daniel, James & Ashton plus our other Kent Internationals, Kane, Derrin, Christopher & Thomas!

The tournament went right down to session 4 to decide the final places where the only two players with a 100% record met as hot favourite Gianpaolo Vitulano edged out Kye Arnold to win the event from the England U12’s Captain. This is Vitolano's first WASPA title.
A nice venue

To finish off, there was a couple team games with Kent taking on the players from Basingstoke winning 4-0 plus a Kent ‘B’ v Kent ‘C’ game which saw the ‘B’ team winning 3-0."

Final Table (all Kent Invicta unless stated):
1. Gianpaolo Vitulano
2. Kye Arnold
3. Terry Arnold
4. Finn Taylor
5. Louis Singh
6. Daniel McCormick
7. Tony Whitelock
8. Josh Foreman
9. James McCormick
10. Elliott Blowes (Basingstoke)
11. John (Basingstoke)
12. Ashton Whitelock
13. Paul Allen
14. Danny Clark
15. Mark Lavender (Basingstoke)
16. Tom Lavender (Basingstoke)
17. Jacob Silvester
18. Rhys Williams