Thursday, 11 September 2014

Matthew Thomas wins the First Call Gas WASPA shield

The First Call Gas WASPA shield for September was held on wednesday night in Heckmondwike. A great night was had by all, 9 players attended in all including 2 players from outside of Yorkshire. The latest edition of the FISTF rules were in force, which proved a challenge at times. Matt Thomas (London & Essex) took the nights silverware in the end, comfortably taking maximum points from his 4 games.

Session 1
Paul Lawrenson 0-2 Matt Thomas
Eric 0-4 Brian Kinrade
Stuart Walsh 2-1 Russ Harker
Ben Staples 2-1 Martin Blanchard
Craig Heward Bye

Session 2
Brian Kinrade 1-2 Craig Heward
Stuart Walsh 0-5 Matt Thomas
Ben Staples 3-1 Russ Harker
Paul Lawrenson 1-0 Martin Blanchard
Eric Bye

Session 3
Craig Heward 1-4 Matt Thomas
Ben Staples 1-2 Brian Kinrade
Paul Lawrenson 2-1 Stuart Walsh
Eric 0-5 Riss Harker
Martin Blanchard Bye

Session 4
Matt Thomas 4-0 Brian Kinrade
Paul Lawrenson 1-2 Craig Heward
Ben Staples 2-2 Stuart Walsh
Eric 0-7 Martin Blanchard
Russ Harker Bye

1. Matt Thomas (London & Essex) 12pts
2. Craig Heward (Yorkshire) 9pts
3. Ben Staples (Yorkshire) 7pts
4. Paul Lawrenson (Yorkshire) 6pts
4. Brian Kinrade (Kent) 6pts
4. Russ Harker (Yorkshire) 6pts
4. Martin Blanchard (Yorkshire) 6pts
8. Staurt Walsh (Yorkshire) 4pts
9. Eric (Yorkshire) 3pts

A smashing time was had by all! Next WASPA event will be staged in October for the second leg of the First Call Gas WASPA shield.

(Report by Paul Lawrenson)