Sunday, 28 September 2014

Steve Bennett does it again in Arbroath

The second stage of the Tayside Club Championship 2014-2015 took place this sunday. Steve Bennett beat Gareth Christie in the final to claim the victory.

Group A
Scott Fleming 0-5 Steve Bennett
Gareth Christie 1-1 Andy Beskaby
Andy Beskaby 0-4 Steve Bennett
Scott Fleming 0-3 Gareth Christie
Steve Bennett 0-0 Gareth Christie
Scott Fleming 4-0 Andy Beskaby

Group B
Craig Thom 0-3 Colin Matthew
Dave Baxter 0-0 Colin Matthew
Dave Baxter 5-0 Craig Thom

Steve Bennett 5-0 Colin Matthew
Gareth Christie 5-0 Dave Baxter

3rd & 4th Playoff
Colin Matthew 0-2 Dave Baxter

Positions 5,6 & 7 round robin group.
Scott Fleming 3-0 Andy Beskaby
Andy Beskaby 5-0 Craig Thom
Scott Fleming 3-0 Craig Thom

Steve Bennett 1-0 Gareth Christie

Final Placings (9.2)

1, Steve Bennett (40 pts)
2, Gareth Christie (36 pts)
3, Dave Baxter (34 pts)
4, Colin Matthew (33 pts)
5, Scott Fleming (32 pts)
6, Andy Beskaby (31 pts)
7, Craig Thom (30 pts)

Probably the best result of the day has to go to Andy Beskaby for his 1-1 with Gareth and a big result for Dave Baxter as he won the playoff match for 3rd place against Colin Matthew 2-0, and looking at the results there were a lot of clean sheets today, altogether there were 16 of them!