Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The first event with old rules in Pistoia

Players in the end of the evening
Things are moving in Italy and the club of Pistoia has started a new adventure by organizing a WASPA circuit of tournaments with the old rules. The circuit will have stages on September 28, October 26, November 30, January 29, March 28, May 22 and a final day on June 27. Besides the old rules tournaments, the club will also hold a circuit of events with FISTF rules on the first monday of the month. Next round will be on October 5.

Table of the tournament
The first old rules tournament was uncertain until the end. Alfredo Granato was leading until the 4th match then he unexpectedly ended up in a draw with the last player in ranking. Finally Massimo Lapucci won his last match and the tournament after a slow start. At midnight players still had the energy to smile at the camera for the most topic selfie. Great small funny tournament. Great time.
1. Massimo Lapucci (Pistoia)
2. Stefano Braschi (Pistoia)
3. Alfredo Granato (Pistoia)
4. Jerry Morandi (SC Narnali)
5. Pierluigi D'Amico (free agent)
6. Angelo Fornari (Pistoia)