Tuesday, 1 September 2015

New records in Hungary

The group picture

15 players from Hungary (8) and Austria (7) met last saturday in Budapest for a great tournament. Players were dropped in 4 groups and after the first stage, many games were played to rank players to places 1 to 15. Lukas Eppensteiner (TFK Niederösterreich) won the final against Hungary's András Hicz (Mezőberény TFC). It was for sure a great tournament proving once again that things are going in the right direction in Hungary.
The finalists: Adrás and Lukas

Final table
1. Lukas Eppensteiner (TFK Niederösterreich)
2. András Hicz (Mezőberény TFC)
3. László Csibor (Mezőberény TFC)
4. Alfred Strommer (TFC Wiener Neustadt)
5. Adam Kraus (TFC Wiener Neustadt)
6. Marios Strommer (TFC Wiener Neustadt)
7. Daniel Vranovitz (TSC Royal 78 Kaisermühlen)
8. Mathias Eppensteiner (TFK Niederösterreich)
9. Gábor Baross (TFK Niederösterreich)
10. Zoltán Baross (TFK Niederösterreich)
11. Thomas Eppensteiner (TFK Niederösterreich)
12. László Bobák (Budapest Subbuteo)
13. Csaba Laska (Budapest Subbuteo)
14. Attila Bognár (no club)
15. Adrián Száki (TFK Niederösterreich)

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