Monday, 7 September 2015

Ben Staples wins his first WASPA tournament in North Shields

Ben Staples won the first ever TYNE-TEES trophy today and with it, his first WASPA title. After beating Dylan in the first round 5-1, he went behind to both Karl and Chris in his next two games, but came back scoring some great goals in the process. The tournament featured 8 players, the biggest in Shields to date and all games were played in very competitive fashion with great spirit and fair refereeing. Thanks to Andy Mill for being an excellent host once more. Everyone had a great day.

(Report by Chris Kaberry)

Final table:
1. Ben Staples (Yorkshire Phoenix)
2. Karl Dragan (no club)
3. Chris Kaberry (NETFA Teesside)
4. Dave Brothers (no club)
5. Andy Mill (NETFA Teesside)
6. Rob Heseltine (NETFA Teesside)
7. Abbie Staples (Yorkshire Phoenix)
8. Dylan Staples (Yorkshire Phoenix)