Monday, 28 September 2015

Old rules tournament in Catanzaro

The italian club of Catanzaro had a great tournament this saturday with a nice field of 9 players competing with the old rules. The event was called "Celtics League" and every player was representing a team from the UK or Ireland. In the end of the day played in Swiss system, Ugo Custo (Cardiff) was the winner while Andrea Pagano (Motherwell) was runner-up. Raffaele Gangale (Crystal Palace) was third and thend end of the table was as follows: 4. Domenico Giglio (Manchester City) ; 5. Alfredo Priamo (West Ham) ; 6. Sandro Vasapollo(Ballymena) ; 7. Salvatore Scalise (Hamilton) ; 8. Davide Colace (Albion Rovers) ; 9. Enzo Iuli (Celtic).