Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Rudy Hesty takes the monthly Jurong Central tournament

Once again it was time for competitive table football action in the western part of Singapore. Jurong Central SC again hosted their 8th league club WASPA on 28th August 2015 where they had 13 players participating in their monthly calendar. The core group of players comprises of seasoned club flickers with a nice “pinch” of youths to spice the event. To add to the suspense the group draw did not have any seeded players and after the group draws were made, the obvious group of “Death” was group D, where all the veteran players were in.

Group games
Rudy and Nic had an easy expedition and top their groups with comfortable wins, with Yew Seng and Bolkiah following suit to qualify for the next rounds. While in Group C, Anas and Noor Haikal had to see through a sudden death shootout to determine the winner, where the latter prevailed. Group D was more tensed and saw a few “seesaw” games before determining the winner. Ezan topped the group with 3 wins followed by Vikas who had sweat it out before winning Fauzi and Amin to qualify to the next round.

The group stages had 3 under 12 players, namely Akash, who was playing his 1st WASPA tournament, Wei Xuan and Ding Heng. All 3 players had a reasonable good outing with the standout result was Wei Xuan, who had a draw against our club youth Captain, Bolkiah. Wei Xuan also played out the youth plates event and came out victorious beating Ding Heng 1-0 to win the consolation award.

4 Rudy v Bolkiah 0
3 Vikas v Noor Haikal 0
0 Ezan v Anas 0 (Ezan won on shoot-out) 
3 Nic Tan v Yew Seng 0 
Rudy, Vikas and Nic ran riot with high scoring scores while Ezan had to break Anas resilience with a sudden death shoot out win.

3 Rudy v Vikas 0
0 Nic Tan v Ezan 1
Rudy fast pace attacking prowess finally ended Vikas impressive run while Ezan got a solitary goal to win his semi-final encounter against the fast improving Nic.

1 Ezan v Rudy 2 
Ezan and Rudy; Both had an almost style of play where both are known to love attacking rather than defending. For Ezan, he was playing his 1st WASPA club final for the year against Rudy, who had qualify for all the club WASPA final for the year but have lost consecutive finals (June & July).

The final kick-off with both players attacking each other franticly. End to end attacking display was rewarded with Ezan inflicting the 1st blood. A side pass to the center of play was blocked by Rudy’s player however Ezan shot managed to trickle into the left of Rudy’s post. Goal, A soft goal but a vital one. Rudy reacted by going on the full assault and before the halfway mark, Rudy manage to score a disputable goal. A fast attack followed by a shot when over the Ezan’s goalkeeper and into the goal. The referee was unsure and had to consult the linesman before confirming the goal. Game on, 1-1. Rudy continued attacking with Ezan stil maintaining composure and counter attacking the Rudy’s goal but the game was deadlock. With about 2 minutes remaining, Rudy got an indirect free kick from the penalty spot after Ezan goalkeeper was alleged to have save outside the save line. The free kick was put to good use with Rudy scoring a deflected chip into the right side off the goal, Goal…1-2 to Rudy. Ezan tried attacking in the final minutes but it was too late with Rudy being victorious.

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