Monday, 21 September 2015

Christian Haas wins the Austrian Masters

The top 4 of the tournament: Jürgen Lizar (4), Christian Haas (1), Heinz Eder (2), Erich Hinkelmann (3).
This saturday the Austrian WASPA League Masters tournament was played in Ebreichsdorf with the top 8 players of the season. Christian Haas won the tournament, beating Heinz Eder in the final. Despite the success of the tournament, organizer Thomas Eppensteiner was not very happy about the issue: "The WAL has come to an end. I am a really bit sad because no other club club has really supported this idea last season." Thomas will therefore continue his work in a different way, bringing subbuteo and WASPA tournaments in Austria back to the level it should have. "A game played between friends with fun and patience." This will start in his new club, the TFKN Dragons with the Dragons WASPA League this winter.