Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Monthly report of the WASPA circuit - August 2015

Dear all,

please find attached the monthly report of the WASPA circuit.

Golden book (end of August 2015)
WASPA ranking - August 15

We had 24 regional tournaments and 2 promotionals events in August but also a national cup in Ireland (points will be awarded in september for this one).

Well done to the organizers of the game in Australia for their growth. We had events in Perth, Altona, Melbourne, Chastwood, Brisbane and Adelaide this month, which is simply amazing.

Things are moving in Belgium as well. From September 1 all WASPA events will count for the national circuit, which is very important to get more players and clubs involved. Two clubs (Semois SC and Black Devils) will organize their first WASPA events in September.

Salamis Famagusta players celebrate their win in the national circuit in Cyprus
Congratulations to Cyprus: this season 12 tournaments counted for the national circuit and all these tournaments were played under WASPA banner. The last leg of the circuit was played last sunday. Well done to George Zangylos for his national title.

This month we also had a huge tournament in Hungary with 15 players. We can be happy about the way Hungary and Austria are working together for the good of the game.

Other great tournaments have been played in the USA (in particular the event in Chicago during the "National" week-end but there were other tournaments in Florida, Michigan and California), Singapore, Wales, South Africa, England, Malta.

As the season is over, you can check the season ranking in the Excel file and I'm sure you will enjoy searching for your name to know your final ranking.

This season England was the most active nation with 57 tournaments while Australia had 37 and Belgium had 33.

15 players competed in a tournament in Budapest, Hungary
We can be happy that over the season the activity has been growing as well in the US, Scotland, South Africa, Singapore, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, France, Indonesia.

Brazil, the Czech Republic and Gibraltar have held their first event. Who will be next?

Activity is declining in Italy, Malta, Spain and Germany. Some nations disappeared of the circuit and in some cases, it's rather worrying. Portugal had 7 tournaments last season but no tournament this season. Denmark and Sweden have totally disappeared while the Netherlands didn't hold any tournament. Activity in Canada is much less important than last year.

The future looks positive in Asia with growing activity in several nations. Hopefully things will move in the right direction in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. We also have hope to get Iran in the circuit next season.

A good field of players in the National in Chicago, USA
The Isle of Man is also the "exotic" nation in the WASPA circuit and we like to have them on board.

Well, nobody knows what the future will bring us. We can only hope that there will be continued interest for the game among existing players. Hopefulyl more national associations will support the WASPA circuit in the future.

The circuit is yours so your ideas to improve the WASPA circuit are more than welcome. Don't hesitate to send your proposals to my e-mail address at

Don't hesitate to ask for WASPA status if you are hosting some events. Just send a request to

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Have a fantastic new season. I also hope those who will attend the FISTF world cup in Italy will have a great time next week.

Vincent Coppenolle