Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Colin Tarry wins in Gillingham

Dave and Mel

Last friday the Kent Invicta TFC players decided to do another WASPA tournament with 14 players in a Swiss system. "The players are enjoying playing WASPA and this format", reported club president Terry Arnold. It was all Kent players apart from Flickers Milano’s new English signing, Colin ‘Taz’ Tarry, making a guest appearance. Indeed it was Taz who won the medal on the night from Wales’ Adrian Davies and Terry Arnold in 3rd place. Final table:
1. Colin Tarry
2. Adrian Davies
3. Terry Arnold
4. Finnley Taylor
5. Kye Arnold
6. Dave Collier
7. Tony Whitelock
8. Mel Stanford
9. Josh Foreman
10. Kane Stanford
11. Rhys Williams
12. Paul Frank
13. Jacob Silvester
14. Thomas Lacey
Colin and Tony