Sunday, 9 November 2014

5th WASPA title for Jayden van der Merwe

Saturday 8 November 2014, Pretoria, South Africa: 
The 2014 PFC Super Cup attracted a field of seven entries, including Subbuteo debutant Shaheed van Niekerk.
Overall it was a low scoring event with only 12 goals scored from the 21 matches played, but the lack of goal action was compensated for by various closely contested matches where players used contrasting tactics to get the upperhand over their adversaries on the day. Matches were played over a 15min period, with 2 points awarded for a win, and 1 point per draw.
Bevin Reed will be slightly dissapointed with his performance in this event, especially after his impressive run during last month's SILVER CUP event. A special mention must go to debutant, Shaheed van Niekerk who ended the day undefeated with 6 draws and as a result shared 3rd place with the only other undefeated player of the day, Kegan van der Merwe. The table standings will show that these two players shared equal points and equal goals scored / goals conceded on the day !
Justin Thumbran continued to impress - getting 5 points on the day, only suffering a 1-0 loss to the eventual event winner Jayden van der Merwe! The 1-0 loss for Chessray Jooste against Julian van der Merwe in Match 20 surely put a halt to Chessray's surge to the top of the standings. In Match 21, Kegan had to win to tie Jayden & Chessray on 7 points - thereby forcing the event into a 3-way play-off for the title. In that match (Match 21), Kegan scored a fantastic chip shot to take the lead after 6min of play, but Jayden typically stormed back into action and got the equaliser on 14min. The draw was enough to take Jayden back to the top of the standings - a title he really had to work for!
Thanks to all for attending and help making the event a success.

Next event on the PFC Calendar : PFC Copa del Clausura on 6 DECEMBER 2014.

(Report by Julian van der Merwe)