Friday, 14 November 2014

International news

Some short news from around the Subbuteo world

the Netherlands: the for second year, the club of GSV de Hyacinth will organize a tournament called "COBEX / Top of Holland Tournament" on May 16, 2015. The format of the tournament will be the same as last year and will count for the WASPA circuit. Interested players can contact Jacob Bijlstra at

England: the Sliders Tour 2015 will be played in a new format with four tournaments in four different cities; here is the poster of the event and it seems it will be very exciting.

Belgium: Vincent Guyaux, who is playing this season for the Maltese club of Bormla SC, has been elected as new president of the Belgian association. This is very positive for the WASPA circuit as Vincent has done a lot for the sport and he's also supporting all kind of tournaments, at high or low level. Congratulations and good luck.

Gregorio and Ignacio
Argentina: a recent meeting between Buenos Aires's Gregorio Caro Solis and Chile's Ignacio Lopez Campbell could not happen without a subbuteo game. It is very positive to see every opportunity to play an international friendly is taken. Nobody reported the name of the winner though :)

The US: the ASA National will take place on August 8 in Chicago. The next day there will also be an International Open under FISTF banner. To make things exciting for all visitors, there will be a WASPA tournament on saturday afternoon. Hopefully some foreign players will be able to make it.

South Africa: things are moving in the South as there are now different active clubs. The Pretoria Flickers are the most active club in the country right now but Johannesburg and Cape Town (Cape Town City TFC) are also on the up and there are good signs coming up from Verulam in the Province of Natal to have a fourth active club (Verulam Vipers TFC). There will be a tournament again in Johannesburg on December 13. The day will be very important as there will be an AGM of the South Africa association after the tourney to put certain permanent structures in place.

Jurong Central SC players
Singapore: the Jurong Central Subbuteo Club has new premises and new goals for the future. These goals are defined as follows:
1. To be the top club in Singapore
2. To mould club players into effective and competitive table football players
3. To be transparent in club management and organise professional and enjoyable table football events for club players
4. To foster a strong relationship with the community by introducing the sport in schools and community events
5. To encourage and participate in local and international tournaments
6. To continuously have club players being highlighted in the top 10 of Singapore Table Football rankings, top 100 of WASPA ranking and top 300 of FISTF ranking.
Good luck to all JCSC players!

Canada: here is a picture of a nucleus in the Tsawassen/South Delta BC league. Jon Rogers, Mark Rogers, Casey Cumisky and Stuart Neely are on the picture

Busy week-end: there will be a lot of WASPA tournaments this week-end. We'll soon publish the news from Couldson (England), Macerata (Italy), Heckmondwike (England), Valdivia (Chile), Parramatta (Australia), Ebreichsdorf (Austria), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Glasgow (Scotland). Stay tuned!

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