Monday, 10 November 2014

Paul Andreas wins in Harrow

The Harrow League had a great day of table football on sunday with a great field of 10 players and a Swiss system with 5 rows of games.
Paul Andreas took the honors after taking 13 points (4 wins and 1 draw) while three players ended with 10 points. Giampaolo Vitulano finally took the second place thanks to the number of goals scored while Rudi Peterschinigg was third and Simon McMurray was fourth. Well done to all the players .
Here is the final ranking of the afternoon:
1. Paul Andreas
2. Giampaolo Vitulano
3. Rudi Peterschinigg
4. Simon McMurray
5. Colin Tarry
6. Adrian Davies
7. Luca Martinelli
8. Jonathan Lopez Real
9. Matthias Peterchinigg
10. Mark Green