Sunday, 9 November 2014

Home win for Mike Parnaby

Six players turned out for this edition of the Lionsraw Championship at the NETFA club. As the season nears the end, who would take a stranglehold on the title for this year? With Jeff parsons missing, Chris Kaberry had the chance to take pole position and he did just that, but the pack is closing in behind him. Going into the final session, there are still 5 players who could take the 2014 title. Tonight's winner was Mike Parnaby, but as can be seen by the results, the league is still very competitive and anything could still happen!

Date of next NETFA Teesside WASPA tournament will be early December 2014

Final standings of the evening:
1st: Mike Parnaby
2nd: Neil Youngson
3rd: Ben Staples
4th: Chris Kaberry
5th: Rob Heseltine
6th: Andy Mill

(Report by Mike Parnaby)

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