Friday, 21 November 2014

Majee Nolizam takes the first tournament in Indonesia

The first official tournament in Indonesia took place in Jakarta on the November 16 with a good turnout of 10 players. Organizers were expecting a few other club members who could not attend due to work commitments. Each game was played in 20 minutes all the way instead of the 30 minutes. Organizers made two groups first and the top four players proceeded to the second stage.
The final stage was as follows:
1st: Majee Nolizam
2nd: Dwi Putranto
3rd: Dicky Dewasanto
4th: Arudyo Putro
Congratulations to the club of Batavia Garudas for the huge effort to host the first event ever in the country and special tanks to the Double Bay Cafe for hosting the games.