Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Craig Cousino wins the Augusta Open

The Augusta Subbuteo Open took place on November 7 with a good field of seven entries in the Open tournament. Craig Cousino, who travelled from North Carolina for the day, won the event going undefeated in 6 rounds of play. Sean Mann came in seconnd losing handily to Craig in the round robin event. Congratulationss to Craig. After the open there was also a U17 event which was won by Miko Mann.

Standings in the Open section
1. Craig Cousino
2. Sean Mann
3. Forest Pavel
4. Miko Mann
5. Brock Sievertson
6. Reginald Redd
7. Eric Smith

Standings in the U17 section
1. Miko Mann
2. Brock Sievertson
3. Christian Brunson

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