Monday, 2 March 2020

Hermann Kruse wins in Berlin

We are happy to get news from Berlin, Germany. Last Wednesday the SC Berlin players organized a WASPA tournament with two categories. 8 players were competing divided intou two groups of 4. The experienced players competed in the main event with Hermann Kruse winning the tournament. In Division B newcomer Ronny Lange topped the table and will play a playoff for promotion against Nico Müller who came fourth in the Division A.

Division 1 table:
1. Hermann Kruse 12 points
2. Oliver Kruse 10 points
3. Alberto Tarantino 5 points
4. Nico Müller 3 points

Division 2 table:
1. Ronny Lange 12 points
2. Erik Klossowski 11 points
3. Hermine Kruse 4 points
4. Peer Fülster 3 points

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