Monday, 16 March 2020

5th WASPA victory for Davide Visani

In the beginning of the month, the club of Firenze organized the fourth tournament of the domestic circuit with games being played under WASPA banner.. As always, the Swiss system was used to decide the winners and Davide Visani took the honors after winning three of his four games (he also tied against Tiberio Becucci) to claim his 5th WASPA title. Stefano Barducci was runner-up. A total of 13 players took place with Gabriele Allegria (Seagulls Viareggio) as only "foreigner" besides 12 members of the local club.

Huge thanks to the club of Firenze for the good work. All our support is given to the Italian Subbuteo Community who is living a sad period nowadays. We'll be back stronger soon!

Final standings:
1. Davide Visani
2. Stefano Barducci
3. Marco Bonciani
4. Matteo Cherici
5. Emanuele Cattani
6. Tiberio Becucci
7. Mirko Masini
8. Alessio Riccio
9. Francesco Gori
10. Gabriele Allegria
11. Riccardo Ferri
12. Gabriele Casati
13. Luca Pini

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