Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Simon Stewart winner in Hamburg

Seven players attended our 3rd WASPA of the season with our 3rd different champion in what was the tightest race so far.

Going in to the last set of fixtures Marcos topped the table with 7pts knowing a victory over Simon would give him his first WASPA victory, but Sven, Marius, Fred and Simon sat only 1 point behind on 6 points with Philip and Ralf on 5 and 4 points. Fred got a win from his “walkover” tie while Marius beat Philip with a 2-0 victory. Sven defeated Ralf 1-0 with Simon triumphing over Marcos 2-1 in a tight encounter denying Marcos that first WASPA victory. The results left four players tied at the top on 9 points and +3 goals but it was Simon who took the monthly title thanks to his “goals scored” record of 7.

A great night was had by all with friendly competition on the pitch and a shed-load of craic between games.

Next month we’ll be back hosting our 4th WASPA of the season, and every week we meet for practice so everyone is very welcome to join us! Just contact the page for details.

Finally, good luck to Fred and Simon who will be representing Subbuteo Sankt Pauli at the Berlin GP this Saturday.

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