Monday, 25 November 2019

Adrian Connolly winner of the Central Victoria tournament

Central Victoria TFC held their second WASPA tournament last week-end with a good turnout of 9 players from 5 different clubs. The tournament was played as a league system with every player having 8 games. Adrian Connolly took the honors after being unbeaten. Thanks to the organizers for a great tournament.

Final standings:
1. Adrian Connolly (Western Flickers) 20
2. Steve Wright (Central Victoria) 17
3. Tony Credentino (Sydney TFC)AUS/syd 16
4. Kevin Grant (Central Victoria) 15
5. Anthony Madiona (Western Flickers) 13
6. Arjuna Hanafi (Melbourne TFC) 8
7. Beth Eveleigh (Northern Phoenix) 6
8. Charlotte Wright (Central Victoria) 5
9. Billy Wright (Central Victoria) 1

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