Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Daniel Cranston wins the Delaware Valley Open

The Delaware Valley Open took place last week-end in the US. Host Andrew zunino was glad to have 7 players taking part. The first round consisted in a round robin with the top 2 players qualifying for the grand final. Daniel Cranston defeated Paul Eyes (3-2) to claim the title. Deway LaRochelle beat Doshu Tokeshi (1-0) to win the Mushroom cup. Huge thanks to Andrew for hosting a great event and congratulations to the winners.

Mushroon Cup for Dewey LaRochelle
First round results:
1. Daniel Cranston
2. Paul Eyes
3. Adolfo Colindres
4. Andrew Zunino
5. Bryan Arnold
6. Dewey LaRochelle
7. Doshu Tokeshi

Daniel Cranston - Paul Eyes 3-2

Mushroom Cup final:
Dewey LaRochelle - Doshu Tokeshi 1-0

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