Thursday, 14 November 2019

Historic autumn tournament in Wollbach

Marc Reitz after the final against Stephan Thiele
Something historic happended last Saturday in Germany and this was not only the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall! It was also the 39th edition of the "LV Südwest Autumn Cup" played in Wollbachh and organized by the club of "1. STV Hohenlohe". This was also the club's first WASPA tournament.

Due to some late dropouts there were only five players taking part including Tipp-Kick Bundesliga player Fred Elesbao from Hannover. Players competed in a round robin with the top 2 qualifying for the big final. In the decisive game, Marc Reitz (BSC Schwalbach) defeated clubmate Stephan Thiele in sudden death (2-1) to claim the trophy. It is to be hoped that the autumn cup will gain more popularity in the coming years.

Thanks to the organizers for giving this DSTFB tournament also a WASPA status! Thanks to Rainer Vogt for the notice!

Final table of the tournament:
1. Marc Reitz (BSC Schwalbach)
2. Stephan Thiele (BSC Schwalbach)
3. Rainer Vogt (Sparta Spreeathen)
4. Frank Greier (1. STV Hohenlohe)
5. Fred Elesbao (SG Hannover)

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