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WASPA standings of May 2018

Dear friends,
you will find in the attached files the monthly records of the WASPA circuit with the addition of 42 tournaments (37 regional, 1 old rules, 4 promotional).

Sorry for the delay but it has been very busy at work and compiling records takes more and more time! My apologies also for the late updates on the blog. Don't be surprised if some tournaments don't appear yet on the WASPA blog.
Youth in action in Australia
It is fantastic to have 1572 players in the rankings. 49 nations are involved and we have the first entry from Israel, which is great! We had a total of 455 individual entries, which means the average of players at tournaments was more than 10 players per event.

Here is a quick looks at some important facts:
- Greece had 6 regional tournaments with always a great turnout. Alekos Apatzis is for sure the player of the month and he's also on top of the season ranking for the first time;
- It was good to see the second tournament of Toronto Subbuteo club in Canada;
- South Africa had a good turnout at their three events with three different winners;
- Peter Alegi won the Grand Rapids tournament in Michigan, USA as a good rehearsal before the National held last week-end;
- Derry City had a fantastic event with 24 players but it's worth being mentioned organizers did a fantastic job by putting 50% of the first round players in a tournament for the title while the other 12 players competed in a great Plate tournament;
- In Firenze, Italy there was a great turnout of 21 with Serbia's Milan Knezevic as special guest;
- the White Star tournament in Harrow (England) had an amazing field of 18 players competing in Swiss system;
- we have been pleased to see a tournament in Hudson, Argentina;
- Australia deserves credit for continuing the great job with kids;
- Hungary had a good event on May 22, another rehearsal before the forthcoming WASPA world Cup;
- Top work being done in Bologna, Italy where Riccardo Marinucci accepted Leonidas Koutromanos's request to play the consolation events of the FISTF Major under WASPA banner. There were 2 categories with 36 and 25 players, which was amazing!
Training session in Budapest
WASPA World Cup in Budapest
Some more details about the WASPA world Cup in Budapest, Hungary (June 30 & July 1)
WASPA world cup Facebook page:
Contact e-mail:

Templeuve International challenge
For those who are in Belgium this week-end, there will be an international WASPA tournament with players from Belgium, France, Northern Ireland and Ireland in Templeuve. Details here:

International meeting in Singapore with guests from Australia and Hong Kong
A quick looks at the rankings:
- Geoffrey Marain (Belgium) is still on top of the ranking;
- Alekos Apatzis (Greece) is the new leader of the season ranking;
- Kye Arnold (England) is on top of the junior ranking;
- Belgium is the leader of the 2 rankings of nations;
- The Flaming Flickers SC (Greece) have almost 200 points lead in the top clubs ranking;
- Kent Invicta (England) is the number 1 Junior club.

Once again, thanks to all organizers and players for contributing to make the WASPA circuit always more attractive.

Please also make sure tournaments are announced a few days in advance. Please send your dates and tournament details to

WASPA action during the Greek championships
Well, you will find the details about the circuit in the attached files:
- the season results (PDF);
- the rankings and statistics (Excel).

Well, that's all for now. Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Keep an eye on the WASPA blog at as there are updates almost every day.

Action in Seraing in Belgium
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Yours sincerely,
Vincent Coppenolle

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