Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Fabrizio Coco wins the AGFA Cup!

AGFA Cup, a tournament that stretches back into antiquity. Well, to 1977 really! This latest edition was one of the smallest, but still it was great to have some flicks and great to have the kids event as well. Oliver dominated the junior event, though Jonas and Moritz pushed him all the way -- their 0-0 draw being a critical result.

In the seniors, Eliot dropped two vital points to Steve, but in reality lost the crucial match 1-0 to Fabrizio who took the title. Tony Credentino continues to improve, and surprisingly, the 'WASPA King' - Hermann, did not fire on the day. Thanks to all players, and to GoodGames for being our hosts.

(Report by Steve Dettre)

Open standings:
1. Fabrizio Coco
2. Eliot Kennedy
3. Tony Credentino
4. Steve Dettre
5. Oli Ollnow
6. Hermann Kruse

Junior standings:
1. Oli Ollnow
2. Jonas Hahn
3. Moritz Hahn
4. Phanna Engelhardt
5. Hermine Ollnow

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