Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Lincoln Flickers World Cup

Andy Boyer wins Lincoln Flickers’ World Cup with PANAMA. There was no need to play a final as Boyer beat both semi-final opponents; Jez Boothman on shots after a 3-3 thriller – Boothman down 1-3 came back and almost snatched the Golden Goal. Likewise A Garbutt found himself down 0-2 and despite getting a goal back couldn’t get the equaliser.  This meant there was no need to play a final which ended in a goalless roll with Panama beating Costa Rica on shots 3-2.
Jez Boothman’s Morocco beat A Garbutt’s Spain 2-0 in the Third Place Play-Off Final – 2-0 at half time, Spain through caution to the wind but could not get the breakthrough.
It was disappointing to only have 4 participants which might be blamed on Father’s Day. Despite the low numbers it was an enjoyable day. Group games were done on dice roll to decide the last 16 then each player had 4 teams to take forward. Clinton Simpson played well scoring a few goals, his highlight the 2-2 last 16 match between Japan and England (Jez Boothman) eventually losing a tight shoot-out 2-3.

PANAMA’s run to the title:
Group (automated dice roll)
Belgium 3:4 Panama
England 1:1 Panama
Panama 3:2 Tunisia
PANAMA top group, England second

Last 16
Panama 4:1 Columbia (vs C Simpson)

Quarter Finals
Serbia 0:0 Panama (0-2 shots vs A Garbutt)

Morocco 3:3 Panama (1-2 shots vs J Boothman)

Panama 0:0 Costa Rica (3-2 shots automated) – Costa Rica second in their group to Serbia beating Germany, England and Spain on the way to the final

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