Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A great week-end of Subbuteo in Templeuve

The players on Saturday
Last week-end the Templeuve United club in Belgium was hosting a special week-end during the visit of Northern Ireland's Craig Stewart. Craig was visiting Belgium to visit the Flanders Field and the War Museum but also wanted to meet Belgian players to gain experience. Despite a few late problems in the hall regarding material, it was a good week-end for all.

The players on Friday
On Friday evening, the tournament of neighboring club "SC Warcoing Ducks" had a good field of 10 players and with no surprise Geoffrey Marain took the honors after the four sessions in Swiss system. Matthias Averlant was a good runner-up while Stéphane Lambert took the third place.

Stéphane Lambert - Geoffrey Marain - Matthias Averlant
Final standings for Friday night:
1. Geoffrey Marain
2. Matthias Averlant
3. Stéphane Lambert
4t. Vincent Coppenolle
4t. Eric Caillaux
6. Jérôme Cyganek
7t. Benjamin Marain
7t. Craig Stewart
7t. Frédéric Cyganek
10. Philippe Thys

On Saturday there was a stronger field of 20 players and organizers decided to have two categories. In the main event, Steffen Despretz (AS Hennuyer) was the surprising winner after winning the decisive game against Jos Ceulemans in the last session. Ceulemans had previously beaten Geoffrey Marain who took the third place with 9 points in four games.

Jos Ceulemans and Steffen Despretz
Final standings for Saturday (Category A):
1. Steffen Despretz
2. Jos Ceulemans
3. Geoffrey Marain
4. Yves Peremans
5. Frank Lannoy
6. Geert Leys
7t. Steven Delfosse
7t. Benoit Lagneau
9. Vincent Coppenolle
10. Matthias Averlant
11. Corentin Boltz
12. Eric Caillaux

Decisive game between Craig Stewart and Franck Santer
In Category B, everything was decided in the last session. Franck Santer won the tournament after beating Craig Stewart in the final game. This is the very first time Franck wins a Subbuteo tournament.

Franck Santer and André Boltz
Final standings for Saturday (Category B):
1. Franck Santer
2. André Boltz
3. Craig Stewart
4. Philippe Thys
5. Julien Hourez
6. Benjamin Marain
7. Arthur Clique
8. Héléna Marain

The SC Flanders team had the help of Frank Lannoy
Finally, there was also a team event with four teams taking part. SC Flanders won their three games to win the title while AS Hennuyer was runner-up, Templeuve was third and the "Team WASPA" took the 4th place.

It was a great time for all (almost everybody had 7 games on Saturday) and there are plans to make it something better next season if more players are interested to attend.

Huge thanks to all players taking part for a great moment together.

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