Friday, 29 June 2018

Second WASPA title for Sean Tidy

The Tucson Subbuteo Soccer Club Summer tournament was held at BlackRock Brewers brewery on June 23rd in Tucson, Arizona. Six players attended so we split into two groups, seeded with the first and second place player from our Spring league. After a match against each other player in the group the group stage standings were:

Group A
1. Sean Tidy
2. Trevor Kvaran
3. Ed Bertschy

Group B
1. James Wyss
2. Chuck Damon
3. Ed Bertschy

Sean Tidy later won his semi and final to claim his second WASPA title.

Sean Tidy 2:0 Chuck Damon
James Wyss 0:1 Trevor Kvaran

James Wyss 0:1 Chuck Damon

Sean Tidy 2:0 Trevor Kvaran

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