Sunday, 17 June 2018

Pasquale Carrassi winner again in Javea

On June 9 the club of Marina Citerior held the sixth edition of the MontGoal tournament in Javea, Spain. Six players took part to the event and there were good news as two new players were joining the tournament. Both were coming from Alicante, Frederic and David Sala. Organizers were happy to welcome them here in Javea, making the effort to travel and play with the local group.

Firstly a mini-league was played, including five rounds and 15 matches and then semi-finals and finals, for a total of 20 matches. It was quite an intense morning indeed and an entertaining one for sure. The winner was Pasquale Carrassi after a very good and disputed final against David Mc Aulay who played a great match.

Pasquale now reached is third victory in the tournament and won the Peter Adolph Cup once again, but just temporarily, as the trophy will be definitely assigned only to the winner of five different editions.

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