Friday, 1 June 2018

Great WASPA games in Bologna

During the FISTF Major of Bologna, Leonidas Koutromanos asked permission to Riccardo Marinucci to play the consolation games under WASPA banner. Riccardo accepted and we are very thankful because the two events attracted 36 Open players and 25 Veterans. For WASPA this was a huge opportunity to have many Italians in the records but also the first time Israël was in the records thanks to the presence of Emanuele Funaro.

The Open category was full of great games. In the final, Théo Modeste from France defeated Italy's Pierluigi Signoretti in the final while Rémy Lours and Augusto Vagnoni reached the semis. In the veterans, a former world champion took the honors as Gianfranco Calonico defeated Greek player Panagiotis Haratsis in the final of a very international tournament. Austria's David Busch and Leonidas Koutromanos from Greece reached the final 4.

Once again thanks to Leonidas for organizing things and to Riccardo Marinucci for having a successful tournament and for proving once again FISTF and WASPA can work together for the good of the game.

(Picture from Facebook by Davide Grilli)

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