Monday, 18 June 2018

Benny Ng wins Northern Phoenix tournament

Northern Phoenix Waspa No.4
Friday 15th June 2018

The fourth Northern Phoenix Waspa took place on Friday the 15th June, 2018.
In total, a modest gathering of six competitors made the trip to the club rooms of Darebin United (Apollo) Soccer Club to compete for WASPA honours. The format trialled at the event was that of a league style with every competitor playing each other once. At the end of competition, the top two would play off in a standalone Grand Final. What made each 20 minute contest interesting was that there would be no half-time breaks – essentially testing one’s endurance and powers of concentration to remain focussed for such a long duration.

The competition throughout the evening was very close and only two matches (out of a total of sixteen) exceeded a two goal final margin. There were 31 goals scored in total and only four games ended in a draw. Going into the last round, any one of four players were in the running for a finals berth but eventually, it was Benny Ng and Adrian Connelly who proved successful. In a closely fought contest, goals either side of half time say Benny Ng claim the title.

The ‘Super 20’ format itself proved very successful and allowed games to flow quite smoothly during the course of the night, eliminating the need for half time breaks and subsequently allowing event organisers to accurately programme the evening’s schedule. It is a format that I suggest all clubs trial at some stage – it really does make for the running of a seamless event. A thanks of gratitude needs to go out to the following participants for making the evening possible. Beth Eveleigh did a great job arranging the venue, Paul Mercer for preparing the software that makes running tournaments such a breeze and Kevin Grant for providing the logistical support pertaining to table transportation.
Great fun was had by all and thanks to all the competitors for making the effort to attend.

Players: Beth Eveleigh, Kevin Grant, Christos Garagounis, Benny Ng, Adrian Connelly and Paul Mercer.

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