Sunday, 26 June 2016

West Midlands Subbuteo Club WASPA Tournament

The inaugural West Midlands Subbuteo Club tournament took place on 25 June 2016.  With 10 players competing for cup and plate trophies, the initial format saw 3 groups competing to see which trophy they would compete for.  The winners of each group, plus the best finishing 2nd placed team would compete for the cup, controversially called “The Brexit Cup”.  The remaining team would plate in the plate competition, aptly named “The Summer Shield”.

Results from the group stages were as follows:

Group 1
Adam Washbrook 0 – 1 Tim Lovell
Simon Donadel 2 – 0 Chris Cooke
Adam Washbrook 0 – 1 Simon Donadel
Tim Lovell 2 – 0 Chris Cooke
Adam Washbrook 2 – 0 Chris Cooke
Tim Lovell 1 – 5 Simon Donadel
Simon finished top of the group, Tim finished highest placed second.  Both went through to The Brexit Cup.  Adam and Chris progressed to the Summer Shield.

Group 2
Richard Tubb 2 – 1 Peter Sleeth
Richard Tubb 0 – 3 Adam Lundy
Adam Lundy 3 – 1 Peter Sleeth
Adam topped the group, obtaining qualification for The Brexit Cup.  Richard and Peter qualified for the Summer Shield.

Group 3
Owen Shelley 0 – 0 Bill Whitehouse
Andrew Garbutt 2 – 0 Owen Shelley
Bill Whitehouse 0 – 3 Andrew Garbutt
Andrew topped the group, qualifying for the last place in The Brexit Cup.  Owen and Bill moved into the final places for the Summer Shield.

The Brexit Cup
Rather than play a straight knockout competition, it was decided all 4 players would play each other once, with the best performer winning the trophy.

Simon Donadel 0 – 2 Andrew Garbutt
Tim Lovell 0 – 3 Adam Lundy
Andrew Garbutt 1 – 0 Tim Lovell
Adam Lundy 4 – 0 Simon Donadel
Simon Donadel 1 – 1 Tim Lovell
Adam Lundy 0 – 3 Andrew Garbutt
After an impressive performance of winning all of his games and not conceding a goal all day, Andrew Garbutt lifted the trophy.   Adam Lundy took runner up spot, narrowly missing out on the trophy in the final game of the day.

The Summer Shield
We adopted a slightly different format for the shield , with 2 groups of 3 playing each other once, with the winners of the group progressing to the plate final.

Group 1
Owen Shelley 0 – 3 Adam Washbrook
Adam Washbrook 1 – 0 Richard Tubb
Richard Tubb 2 – 1 Owen Shelley

Group 2
Bill Whitehouse 0 – 2 Peter Sleeth
Bill Whitehouse 2 – 0 Chris Cooke
Chris Cooke 0 – 1 Peter Sleeth

Peter Sleeth 2 – 1 Adam Washbrook.

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