Friday, 17 June 2016

The honors for Raffaele Lombardi in Singapore

Congratulations to Subbuteo Parramatta's Raffaele Lombardi at the Asian cup over the weekend. Drawn into a group of death alongside eventual tournament winner David Ruelle and one of Singapore's top players, Den Mulia, he bowed out at the group stage but then successfully manoeuvered his way through the WASPA tournament to take the title with a 2-0 win over Steve Dettre in the final.

16 players from Singapore, Australia, Belgium and Japan attended the WASPA event. Results were as follows:

Last 16:
Lim Yew Seng - Tan Kok Wee     0-2
Steve Dettre - Simon Ee             2*-2
Mohd Ezan Ahmad - Liam Ming Liang                1-0
Hideaki Wada - Stéphane Lambert          0-3
Mohamed Musa Mohamed Bolkiah - Lim Ding Heng   4-0
Ruhan Sham - Johnny Ball         0-1
Luke Lim - Nic Tan 1-6
Raffaele Lombardi - Simon Cole         6-0

Tan Kok Wee - Steve Dettre      2-2*
Mohd Ezan Ahmad - Stéphane Lambert          1*-1
Mohamed Musa Mohamed Bolkiah - Johnny Ball         0-2
Nic Tan - Raffaele Lombardi           0-1

Steve Dettre - Mohd Ezan Ahmad          1-0
Johnny Ball - Raffaele Lombardi           0-1

Steve Dettre - Raffaele Lombardi           0-2

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