Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Rudy Hesty wins the latest Jurong Central tournament

Jurong Club League WASPA on 3rd June 16 attracted 12 JCSC players however several senior club players were missing due to work commitments. Nevertheless, with the introduction of senior club players  Michael, Giovanni & Amin added another dimension in the tournament.
With no ranking system, the Players were drawn into 4 groups of 3 players with only 2 from each group progressing to the main Cup stages while the bottom 4 players from each group qualifying to the consolation Plates round. The group draw as follow:-

Group A
Nic Tan

Group B
Noor Haikal

Group C
Michael Choong
Giovanni Choong

Group D
Ding Heng
Ming Liang
Yew Seng
Group Games

Group A - Recent Singapore Futures winner, Nic had a tough time and ended up drawing with Amin while defending Singapore U19 champ, Bolkiah was having an off day as he lost both his games.
Group B -Games were more tighter with Club Captain Rudy winning both his games by a goal margin; leaving both Fauzi & Haikal to play in a tensed decider match, with the latter winning 0-1.
Group C - Michael playing with his new bases strolled to 2 wins; while Simon & Giovanni played in an entertaining 2-2 draw, with the latter losing out in qualifying to the cup rounds on goal difference.
Group D - Riding junior star, Ming Liang won both his games & kept a clean sheet; while father & son, Yew Seng & Ding Heng drew their game.

Plates Semi & Finals
Giovani cruised to the final with a comfortable win against Yew Seng while Fauzi advanced to the finals as his opponent had to leave early.
The final between Fauzi & Giovanni was not as expected as Giovanni tumble to a heavy defeat as fatigue set in.

Cup QF
Nic vs Simon
Rudy vs Ding Heng
Haikel vs Ming Liang
Michael vs Amin
As expected the favourites progressed to the semis with not much resistant and it was pleasing to see that both senior players who played against the QF juniors were more of mentor & student training match with seniors coaching them technics & strategies.

Cup SF
Rudy vs Nic
Michael vs Haikel

Both Semi games were close with the 1st semi, Rudy sealing his ticket to the final with 2 late goals. While the 2nd semi was deadlocked at 2-2 in normal time and Haikal winning on sudden death extra time goal to advance in his 1st Jurong WASPA final of the year.

Both Rudy & Haikal once again meet after their group encounter. The earlier group game between them was separated by only one goal but this time, experience prevailed. Rudy won comfortably making it a back to back Jurong WASPA win title.

An enjoyable outing with club admin sharing our tournament games in FaceBook live video. With this last club training session, we hope all club players are ready for the coming Asian Cup.

1 Nic vs Simon 0
2 Rudy vs Ding Heng 1
2 Haikal vs Ming Liang 1
2 Michael vs Amin 0

3 Rudy vs Nic 0
2 Michael vs Haikel 3 (ft - 2-2) (et 2-3)

0 Haikal v Rudy 3

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