Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Jones and Bellefontaine on top in Harrow

Short reports of the latest 2 stages of the Harrow League

Victor Jones came top of the WASPA round robin of 6 players last week after a solid performance with no defeats and also accumulated valid points for the Harrow league 2nd spot (1st looks already done and dusted to be honest) race too, taking advantage of Elliott Dieu De Bellefontaine forfeit on the night and beating Rudi (2-1) with a last minute goal, to try to deny him of the second place on the general board.
If he could only make more appearances who knows where would he be sitting on the table by now. Good job by Kevin ending third despite 2 losses and Gerald (4th) only losing one game (to Rudi), improvements for Neil (only a marginal loss 1-0 to Rudi) and John which 6 minutes from the end was leading Rudi 1-0 and came close to a 2-0 just before Rudi equaliser.

Final table:
1. Victor Jones
2. Rudi Peterschinigg
3. Kevin John Walker
4. Gerald Edwin Brightwell
5. John Ellis
6. Neil Doherty

Round 5 (WASPA) of the HARROW league played last Tuesday confirmed that at the moment Sir Elliott Bellefontaine is unstoppable, and he continues to dominate the race to engrave his name on the league Cup in cruise mode gear, Rudi on the other side can't keep his pace and despite haven't lost a match of the 4 rounds Swiss system, the two wins and two draws weren't good enough. Martin instead (first time at Harrow), played for two, himself in his personal family derby battle with Elliott but also to deny Rudi valuable points, coming second on the night with a great performance after loosing only to his terrible son. Steady on on his way to the higher places in the league is Victor, which appears to be playing very consistently and after coming top in the night the round (4) before, seats himself in a decent 4th spot in a night where he only lost (2-0) to the league leader ( who else?).
Decent performances by Gerry, also coming back from a 2-0 to a 2-2 with Rudi, whilst he keeps playing with a useless team and for Kevin with only one loss two draws and a win. Room for improvement for Neil and John E, I'm sure they'll master their game soon enough if they keep the same passion they've showed so far. Great to see Jonathan Lopez Real back on the pitch as well, valuable player if only would come a bit more often he'd be amongst the first 5, 6 in the league table after only a massive defeat vs Gerry (1-4) and a 1-3 vs Martin (not just a random player).
Anyway great to see everyone once again and hopefully see most more of you lot for Round 6 (TBA)

Final table:
1. Elliot Bellefontaine
2. Martin Bellefontaine
3. Rudi Peterschinigg
4. Victor Jones
5. Matthias Peterschinigg
6. Mister X
7. Gerald Edwin Brightwell
8. Kevin John Walker
9. Jonathan Lopez-Real
10. Neil Doherty
11. John Ellis

(Reports by Rudi Peterschinigg)

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