Friday, 17 June 2016

Rudi Peterschinigg on top again in Harrow

11 player battled on June 15 for Round 6 of The (WASPA) Harrow League at the Tithe Social Club. Everyone played almost 5 games of Swiss Ladder and incredibly, Rudi Peterschinigg came on top once again, but aside the glorious win of the night he only managed to gain 2 small points to Elliott Bellefontaine, 2nd on the night, on the race to the title, I think I can start engraving his name on the cup as virtual table when it's only one session left to go says that Elliott is on 48 and Rudi on 40, so would take more than a miracle to be honest.

Anyways, amongst the 11 players we had Panos Stemitsiotis (don't think he needs a introduction) that made his debut at Harrow and Clelio de Souza also a first timer at Harrow, Brazilian player of "Futebol de Botao", a similar game of Subbuteo/table football back in Brazil. Panos made an excellent debut, finishing 3rd and back on the game after a long break from it, whilst for Clelio was an introduction night to his possible new addiction. Martin Bellefontaine, with a brilliant 4th place tonight, made his return to Harrow and was the only one between Rudi and his 100% record of wins for the night.

Step back for both Victor Jones and Kevin J. Walker not on their usual shape tonight, but I'm sure ether will give their best along with Lee Fenton on battling for the 3rd spot in the league, where at the moment Vic Leeds by 1 point (30) on Lee (29) and Kevin (27). Steady on, catching up and trying to master their game Neil Doherty (excellent 6th on the night), John Ellis (9th) and Jonathan Lopez Real (10th). Clelio not surprisingly last before this Bye guy (which is very consistent on his losses 😜) but as I've said to him, we all been there and by the way he flicks won't be long till he'll start giving people hard time.

Thanks to everyone for making it such a wonderful evening and hopefully I'll see all of you back for last Round 7 next month.

Tables for the night:
Rudi 13 pts
El 12 pts (+16)
Panos 12 pts (+6)
Martin 10 pts
Lee 7 pts (0)
Neil 7 pts (-1)
Kevin 6 pts (-1)
Victor 6 pts (-8)
John 5 pts (-4)
Jonathan 5 pts (-5)
Clelio 0

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