Monday, 20 June 2016

Melbourne TFC tournament: June 2016 report

4 players arrived on a cold, wet day in Brighton where we played in a league format of where we play each opponent twice and the winner will be who finishes first on points and goal difference after the 6 rounds.
Newcomer Juan Menendez had tight games with Christos Garagounis in a 0-0 draw and 1-0 defeat. It quickly turned into a two horse race between Luke Radziminski and Benny Ng as both players defeated Christos and Juan by significant margins in the first set of games. The first game between Benny and Luke saw 2 goals in the second half, the second scoring late from a quick free kick and shooting the moving ball, locking in the victory 2-0 in favour of Luke.
The second round between Benny and Luke saw Benny scoring very early in the first half attacking swiftly with his German national team in Blitzkrieg fashion. This had Luke on the back foot during the majority of the first half, however things have evened out in the 2nd half with back and forth counter attacking. Midway through the 2nd half Luke managed to chip the keeper just behind Benny’s German defence line and it concluded in a 1-1 draw, with plenty of missed chances and saves from both players.
The last round Luke faced Christos and Benny faced Juan. Luke only needed to play for a draw to win top spot, Benny finished strongly with a 3-0 win and Luke felt the pressure and almost slipped in the race with a couple of half chances from Christos. However it was not to be and it took something special for Luke to lock in first place by scoring from halfway in the final 2 minutes of the game. Benny Finished second place, Christos third and Juan finishing fourth.

(Report by Luke Radziminski)

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