Friday, 10 June 2016

Álvaro Martínez wins in Basque Country

For the very first time a WASPA tournament was organized in the Basque Country in the North of spain last week-end. Only four players were competing but everything was run in a smooth and faire atmosphere. Álvaro Martínez (SC Madrid), who represented Italy in this "Euro 2016" tournament, defeated local player Kepa Etxebarria (Germany) in the final. Iñigo Ibáñez (Northern Ireland) was third and Moises Ramos (Spain) was fourth. It was nice to see for the first time the club of Euskal Subbuteo represented in a WASPA tournament. Well done!

Final table
1. Álvaro Martínez (SC Madrid)
2. Kepa Etxebarria (Euskal Subbuteo)
3. Iñigo Ibáñez (Euskal Subbuteo)
4. Moises Ramos (Euskal Subbuteo)

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