Friday, 24 June 2016

Geoffrey Marain wins the Euro 2016 tournament

Some of the players during the presentation of the trophies

The final

The top 4 of the evening
Geoffrey Marain receiving his proze
Despite of four late dropouts, there was an interesting field of 18 yesterday in Templeuve (belgium) for the "Euro 2016 Subbuteo tournament". To respect the agenda of the real football event, players were put in six groups. Only Matthias Averlant and Benjamin Marain didn't manage to qualify for the last 16 round. The main problem for players was to fight against the heat and the high level of humidity in the hall but you can't change the weather. In the end, there were some unlucky draws in the last 16 games as 4 of the 5 players coming from Seraing were put in the same half of the table. Ahmed Choukri (who was Albania in the tournament) managed to qualify for the semi-finals but lost int he last second of the game against Vincent Coppenolle (Ireland). In the other semi, Geoffrey Marain (England) and Jérôme Heyvaert (Czech Republic) tied but Marain won on shots. Marain later won the final against Coppenolle by a single goal. Who could believe England would win the Euro 2016 final?

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