Monday, 30 March 2015

László Csibor wins in Budapest

Six players participated the third Hungarian WASPA tournament, and after a few months pause László Csibor from Mezőberény TFC won the competition and Gábor Baross finished the second place. The tournament was very exciting, because only the higher number of points between Róbert Zsigri and Zoltán Baross judged for the third place and Róbert Zsigri was better with only one goal.

The final ranking:
1. László Csibor
2. Gábor Baross
3. Róbert Zsigri
4. Zoltán Baross
5. Adrián Száki
6. Bence Dolmányos

In blog of "Budapest Subbuteo" you can find some photos and the full results of the tournament:

(Report by Gábor Baross)