Sunday, 15 March 2015

Kegan van der Merwe wins the 2015 PFC Founder's Cup

Saturday 14 March 2015, Pretoria, South Africa : 
The Founder's Cup is an event to celebrate the founding of the Pretoria Flickers Club - PFC will celebrate it's 2nd year of existence on
24 March 2015. This year's event was a very low scoring affair - with the players adopting very tactical approaches, resulting in nine 0-0 scorelines. In match 5 the result was Kegan vd Merwe 1 v 0 Julian vd Merwe - that was the only goal of the day and the result saw Kegan go top of the standings, with Julian slipping to bottom. The lack of goals also ensured that the day ended with 3 players tied for the 2nd place - and the day's best excitement followed as a 3-way shootout had to determine the placements for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. The shootout ended as follows :
Bevin Reed 0 v 2 Jayden vd Merwe
Chessray Jooste 2 v 3 Bevin Reed
Jayden vd Merwe 3 v 2 Chessray Jooste
However, prior to the shootout Match 10 ended Kegan vd Merwe 0 v 0 Jayden vd Merwe - a win for Jayden would make him the champion, and Jayden went on the attack from the off but Kegan played a methodical game and his defence held firm (as it did for most of the day) - the draw was enough to hand Kegan the title of 2015 PFC Founder's Cup champion. This is Kegan's second WASPA title - his previous success was in the 2013 edition of the PFC Challenge Cup. In Match 9, Bevin Reed 0 v 0 Julian vd Merwe, the story could have been so different on the day, as Bevin struck the post from an angled shot with Julian's keeper well beaten - this right on the stroke of full time and the win would have put Bevin top of the standings!
The lack of goals is not really a concern, as it shows the level of play amongst our members is very equal - this is also evident by the fact that this event has had 3 different winners now : in 2013 - Jayden vd Merwe, 2014 - Chessray Jooste, and now 2015 - Kegan vd Merwe.

Final Classification
1st - Kegan van der Merwe
2nd - Jayden van der Merwe
3rd - Bevin Reed
4th - Chessray Jooste
5th - Julian van der Merwe

(Report by Julian van der Merwe)