Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Monthly report of the WASPA circuit - February 2015

Dear all, here is the monthly report of the WASPA circuit.

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A good turnout at the latest Singapore tournament
This month we broke some records as we had a total of 30 tournaments and we now have 1517 ranked players from 38 different nations, including one from Turkey. Among the big facts of the month, we can say that:
- we had the very first tournament in Cezch Republic. The event was held during the FISTF Open of Prague, we had 16 entries from 7 nations and a winner from... Australia!
- some isolated nations continue to do a great work of promotion of the game. We had tournaments in Finland, Hungary, Indonesia, South Africa (in 2 different cities), Singapore, Australia (in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane), Switzerland and Malta.
- there were three events in Greece. Besides the usual event of the Flaming FLickers, the new club in Veroia held their first tournament and there was also a WASPA tournament during the FISTF Open of Athens.
- a funny fact in the ranking: the top 3 players of the Puylaurens club (France) share the 103th place in the ranking. All of them have played the same number of tournaments (4) since the beginning of the season.
- Belgium (4 events), Italy (3), Scotland (2) and England (2) are still the most active organizers along with Australia.

Action in Indonesia

A nice venue for the Melbourne players
There are already a few events in the calendar for March. It's not too late to add more events.

This Friday, the monthly tournament of the Templeuve United club (Belgium) will be very special with a good field of international players. As the FISTF Major of Frameries is taking place on Saturday and Sunday, players from England, Scotland, Italy and France will meet on Friday evening and there will be a "battle of the chiefs" between the three top ranked players in the WASPA circuit: Geoffrey Marain, Steve Bennett and Jos Ceulemans. For sure it will be a very special event!

What are our hopes for the future? We hope to get more new places to run tournaments, to get more involved players from more clubs and more nations. It would be fantastic to have Denmark, Norway, Brazil, Argentina, Gibraltar,... in the circuit.

Ladies in action in Switzerland
WASPA is trying to become stronger but we will need ideas of everyone to keep on growing.

Once again, I can say we are very happy to work together in a very positive way with FISTF. Thanks a million times to Mr Alan Collins, the FISTF President, who has understood that WASPA and FISTF are not rival associations and that both bodies should work together for the good of the game.

Keep in mind for any request about the WASPA circuit and for sending results, you must use the following e-mail address: vincent.cop@rsca.com

WASPA tournament in greece during the FISTF Open of Athens with the WASPA banner in the hall
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Have a great day and keep on flicking!

Vincent Coppenolle