Thursday, 19 March 2015

Jurong Central welcomes Belgian guest in Singapore

Jurong Central SC welcomed Stephane Lambert from Belgium to the club where he flicked competitively with our Jurong club players. A draw was made where group A comprises of an all new U19 players while group B comprises of a tricky set of senior Jurong players paired with our Belgium friend while group C had Club league leader Rudy with 2 other dedicated flickers.

The group stages saw promising U19 flicker, Bolkiah joining favorites Stéphane & Rudy to the winners group while Anas, Fauzi & Quan Feng joined the Runner-up group & Father & son Yew Seng & Ding Heng paired with Nic in the Consolation group.

Consolation Group saw Nic winning the group but Yew Seng gutsy resilience to hold a goalless game with Nic. Runner-up Group saw Fauzi stumbled to a shocking 3-0 defeat to Anas while Quan Feng showed glimpse of goalkeeping brilliance against his two senior club mates.

The winner group was between Stéphana and Rudy. Both had easily demolish Bolkiah thus it was a straight forward duel between them.

The game started slow, with both playing cautiously trying not to make mistakes. Only in the 2nd half did both have chances to breach each other goal but in the end, the game ended scoreless. It was thought the both could not score against each other in extra time but Rudy suddenly bursted out with guns blazing and scored immediately after the start of extra time. Stephan tried furiously to equalized but his efforts were futile and in the final minutes, Rudy grabbed a 2nd goal to seal victory and crown the champion.

Stéphane Lambert did not leave empty handed, as he was given the 'Friends of Jurong Central SC' certificate; an award which enable him to flick with club or use the club facilities anytime he is in town.

(Report by Jurong Central SC)