Sunday, 1 March 2015

A second WASPA title for Julian van der Merwe

Saturday 28 February 2015, Pretoria, South Africa
After capturing the final event on the 2014 PFC calendar, the Copa del Clausura, Julian van der Merwe was once again victorious in the opening event on the 2015 PFC calendar, the Copa del Apertura. Overall a great event with a total of 16 goals scored over the 10 match-ups on the day ! With wins in their first matches, Jayden van der Merwe & Julian van der Merwe went top of the standings, but in Match 4, Julian knew he had to play well if he stood any chance of contesting for honours - and the result went Julian's way with the final score Julian (1)-(0) Jayden!
When Kegan van der Merwe beat Jayden by 1-0 in Match 7, the result meant an end to Jayden's challenge for honours. The win for Kegan at that point put him (Kegan) top of the standings with 5 points!
Match 8 ended Chessray Jooste (0)-(3) Julian, and the result saw Julian go back to the top of the standings ! In Match 9, the winner would secure 3rd place on the day - and Jayden took 3rd place with a result of Jayden (3) - (1) Bevin Reed. Match 10 turned out to be the title decider, and Kegan needed to win to take the honours - and there were no surprises as Kegan done most of the attacking, and he actually wasted two good opportunities to take the lead, and even win the match ! The match ended Kegan (0) - (0) Julian, and the draw was enough for Julian to secure 1st place. That final result of (0)-(0) also ensured that both Kegan & Julian ended the day as undefeated, without either player conceding a goal !
Overall, a great day of spills and thrills as the 2015 PFC season finally got underway!

Final Standings
1st - Julian van der Merwe : 7 pnts
2nd - Kegan van der Merwe : 6 pnts
3rd - Jayden van der Merwe : 4 pnts
4th - Bevin Reed : 2 pnts
5th - Chessray Jooste : 1 pnt

Next event on the PFC calendar - the 2015 FOUNDER's CUP.

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(Report by Julian van der Merwe)