Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Craig Heward wins in Heckmondwike

This week-end 15 players attended the WASPA 2015 Rhubarb Triangle Trophy in Heckmondwike. There were many great games and in the end of the Swiss system, Craig Heward took the honors with four wins. Stathis Tsolis was declared winner of the "category B". Congratulations to all.

Final table of the tournament:
1. Craig Heward
2. Brian Daley
2. Martin Hodds
4. Ben Staples
5. Mike Parnaby
6. Andy Boyer
6. Paul Kerfoot
6. Stathis Tsolis
9. Martin Blanchard
9. Russ Harker
9. Neil Munns
9. Eric Woodhead
13. Dylan Staples
14. Matthew Parnaby
15. Abbie Staples