Monday, 9 March 2015

Daniel Scheen wins Subbuteo party in Templeuve

The group picture
This week-end Belgium was the center of the Subbuteo world as players from many different countries were attending the FISTF Major of Frameries. On friday evening, the Templeuve United club had decided to host their monthly tournament in their premises to give the opportunity to some foreign players to spend a good moment and practice before the FISTF event.
England's Brian Butterworth
Italy's Lucio Canicchio ans Scotland's Steve Bennett
Finally 28 players from 5 different nations and 11 different clubs were present and there was no other option to play under Swiss system. The first two sessions were played as a draw so that players from the same club could not meet and serious things started from session three. After three games, Daniel Scheen, Geoffrey Marain, Pascal Scheen, Lucio Canicchio (who defeated Scotland's Steve Bennett in session 3), Jean-François Balard and Vittorio De Pascale were tied with 9 points and some big games took place.
The WASPA chiefs together in a tournament: Jos Ceulemans, Geoffrey Marain, Steve Bennett
Daniel Scheen trashed WASPA number 1 Geoffrey Marain while Pascal Scheen and Lucio Canicchio drew (3-3). The last session was therefore interesting as many things could happen and four players had still a chance to win the event. The decisive game between Daniel Scheen and Italy's Vittorio de Pascale was close with a half-time draw (1-1) but Daniel Scheen was really on fire to win the game 4-2 and therefore win the tournament in his first ever WASPA appearance! Well done!
Serge Leroy from Puylaurens, France
As the event was successful, it's more than likely there will be something similar next year before the Major but this time the event will be played in a larger hall.

Top 4 of the evening: Vittorio de Pascale, Eric Threis, Daniel Scheen, Lucio Canicchio
Final ranking of the evening
1. Daniel Scheen, BEL/TFC Wiener Neustadt
2. Lucio Canicchio, ITA/SC Fiamme Azzurre
3. Eric Threis, BEL/SC Stembert
4. Vittorio De Pascale, ITA/Flickers Milano
5. Pascal Scheen, BEL/SC Stembert
6. Steve Bennett, SCO/Dundee United TFC
7. Jean-François Balard, FRA/CFT Puylaurens
8. Colin Tarry, ENG/London & Essex United
9. Gabriele Silveri, ITA/SC Fiamme Azzurre
10. Jos Ceulemans, BEL/SC Stembert
11. Geoffrey Marain, BEL/SC Eugies
12. Serge Leroy, FRA/CFT Puylaurens
13. Ludovic Beauvais, FRA/CFT Puylaurens
14. Noé Scheen, BEL/TFC Wiener Neustadt
15. Brian Butterworth, ENG/London & Essex United
16. Renald Deloose, BEL/Templeuve United
17. Jason Delattre, BEL/Templeuve United
18. Matthias Averlant, BEL/Templeuve United
19. Rob Conway, SCO/Dundee United TFC
20. Andy Beskaby, SCO/Dundee United TFC
21. Vincent Coppenolle, BEL/Templeuve United
22. Rudi Peterschinigg, ITA/London & Essex United
23. Elliott Bellefontaine, ENG/London & Essex United
24. Dave Baxter, SCO/Dundee United TFC
25. Craig Thom, SCO/Dundee United TFC
26. Benjamin Marain, BEL/SC Warcoing Ducks
27. Steve Jamotte, BEL/Standard SC Liège
28. Olivier Bodelle, FRA/Templeuve United