Monday, 25 August 2014

Start of the Austrian WASPA League

This past weekend the AWL (Austrian WASPA League) started its first season. Alfred Strommer was the host of two tournaments in the western part of Vienna, which mainly had the purpose of preparing our youngsters for the upcoming World Cup. The U12 and U15 players played very well and showed that they are ready for Rochefort.

The Regional Tournament on Friday was a clear thing for the big favorite Erich Hinkelmann in his first WASPA event. But on 2nd place we saw the first Junior, Marios Strommer. Marios enforced on Sunday in the Promotional, followed by comeback player Peter Nichtenberger.

A successful weekend for youth, WASPA and table football sport in Austria in general.

Semi-finals of the Regional tournament (8 players)
Erich Hinkelmann - Lukas Eppensteiner 4-0
Alfred Strommer - Marios Strommer 0-1

Erich Hinkelmann - Marios Strommer 3-1

Final ranking of the Promotional tournament (5 players)
1. Marios Strommer
2. Peter Nichtenberger
3. Alfred Strommer
4. Jonathan Nichtenberger
5. Adam Kraus

(Report by Thomas Eppensteiner)